It's a shelf.....with toys on it.

I decided I wanted a shelf for my action figures/toys so I made my own to fit my strangely shaped computer room.  I also added some indirect lighting to it to more easily see what's up there.

I made it with 1x8, 3/4 quarterround, crown molding and 1x2s.  I attached it to the walls by ripping 10" sections of 1x2 at a 45 degree angle and attaching the larger half to the wall, the smaller to the shelf and then "hanging" the shelf on the angle.

I assembled the 5 separate sections in the garage.  Then primed, sanded and painted them.  Then hung them and filled in the spaces, sanded some more, and touched up.  The hardest part was that the room has 135 degree angled walls leading to the door which wasn't so fun trying to cut the crown molding to match.  Luckily Dewalt has a chart for compound cuts and crown molding.

I added another switch to the wall by tagging onto the original 2 switches for power and placed an outlet just above the shelf so that it's hidden.  This way it is easy to add/replace the rope lighting at anytime.  This was nice and easy since I was able to put the outlet just above the switch without going through studs in the wall.

I love the toy shelf!!!!  With the subtle lighting of the toys and a few MR16s lighting the artwork, working on the computer is just that much more fun.  It's a great addition to the computer room and goes great with my collection of AD&D art and of course my Little Mermaid poster.  Definitely a stark contract when compared to Sydney's bright'n happy room just next door.

I built some other small shelves for the "nice" figures using crown molding on 3 sides with flats top and bottom.  Two for flat walls and one for the corner.  Again installed on the wall using cleats.