Welcome to the Baby Room!  Upon getting our new house and my wife still being pregnant we decided to paint the baby room to make it cute for Sydney. 

Lili started by looking at stickers in Michael's (art store) for inspiration.  She ended up finding Suzy's Zoo stickers and a sun rubber stamp that she liked.  From there she made a sketch of colors she wanted in the room.  Blue on top and yellow on the bottom with a border in between.

From the stickers, we bought foamboard for the characters.  We chose this because it is easy to cut, paint and hang.  Also, since she was pregnant it was much easier for her to sit on the couch and paint than crouching on a stool against the wall.  She sketched the characters on the boards and I cut them out with an exacto knife.  Lili painted all of the characters but one, yep, I did one.  I am a hard worker. 

Once we (she) had the characters done we started painting.  Although it is impossible to see, the bottom yellow is actually a yellow base with an orange rag off faux glaze.  The top was painted "fast" you can say.  Lili took the bottom with a light blue and I the top with a darker blue and as we met in the middle we just went over it like crazy to blend them before it dried.  Worked pretty well!  Then we added the green hills and grass.  Then the border.  Next we painted the sun which is based off of the rubber stamp.  Lastly the clouds were done.

I made the fence by painting the far away part on the wall and the foreground out of foamboard.

We placed all of the foamboard parts with Poster Putty.  By far the nicest way to mount light objects on a wall!  We can pull them off anytime without damaging the wall or paint.

We also thought about adding shading for depth, trees and more background stuff but it just gets too busy so we ended up with more of a simple background which we like!  We may also add a few more birds later (especially to the last fence post :).  But overall it turned out very cute and Sydney really enjoys (I think) staring at the walls.