Welcome to the Halo Font!  Homage to the greatest game ever created!  If you don't know what Halo is you should go out and buy an Xbox and a copy of Halo right now.  But if you do know, well then you know it is the greatest game ever made.  Yep, I said it and I'm sticking to it.

Finally an update of the Halo font. It's been updated to match the logos of Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Wars and the Halo 2 ad run before release. I've also revised some letters and numbers I never liked.  If you have any problems with the font, email me or try my website.  Obviously the font is free. Please do whatever you want with it.  If you like it or find a problem with it drop me a line. If you would like something added please ask though I think I have most of it this time.

Anyway, this is my first font creation so if I've violated every font rule in the book, excuse me. I looked around for the font that Bungie used for the Halo logo but I couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to make my own.  Weeks later I finally finished making a font based on the original logo.




Characters: A-Z
Common Puncutation

Bullet - Alt249
Ellipsis - Alt0133
QuoteL - Alt0145
QuoteR - Alt0146
QuoteDBLL - Alt0147
QuoteDBLR - Alt0148
Enddash - Alt0150
Emdash - Alt0151
Trademark - Alt0153
Cent - Alt0162
BrokenBar - Alt0166
Copyright - Alt0169
Minus - Alt0173
Registered - Alt0174
Degree - Alt0176
Plusminus - Alt0177
Twosuper - Alt0178
Threesuper - Alt0179
Acute - Alt0180
Periodcenter - Alt0183
Cedilla - Alt0184
Onesuper - Alt0185
Onequater - Alt0188
Onehalf - Alt0189
Threequarter - Alt0190
Multiply - Alt0215
Divide - Alt0247

Update many years later.  I've seen the font used all kinds of places.  Mostly memes but here a couple interesting ones.  Unfortunately most people only find the original Halo font and not the updated version.  MMMM, that hideous R.  Found the tshirt below at San Diego Comic Con.  The bullets randomly online.

This is an odd one, also got shut down.