Just a few Halloween projects we did.  Nothing super special. We had a decent yard going for a couple years until we moved to the larger house and were taken over by new house projects (theater, study, yard etc).  We haven't been too big on the costumes for the girls which is disappoining as I thought we would always do that but as it turns out, they would rather be cute than scary.  The ugly witch did no go over so well.

Making fence posts from PVC.

Horizontals made from 1x2s

The infamous skull whistles are a great way to top a fence post.

This was the ugly witch, she thought she was going to be pretty.  Father has made a mistake.

For reference, we also made the broomstick by gluing together spar 1x2 so that it could be cut and shaped into a twisted broom.

Glued and wrapped the end with the staw.  Some REALLY stout straw, not even sure what it was called but we got it at Hobby Lobby.

The Vampire was much more popular the next year.

Hannah's favorite costume to date, not even sure how it looks this decent considering the palette of makeup we were using.  But hey, success!