mmmmmm.......TV........  I talked about getting the 65" TV for years and years but when I finally got one my entertainment center was far too small to accommodate it and of course we were now poor having paid for the TV so we decided to build an EC to fit our needs.  And most entertainment centers have just two cabinets at the bottom which are only useful for piling junk into.  I wanted one that would hold game systems :).  I got the tv a month before the Xbox and Halo came out, whoohoo!!!!  Best purchase I ever made.

I spent a few weeks thinking about what I really wanted and came up with a four piece design that is relatively simple.  Left and right cabinets with two shelves in between.  The top shelf is shaped similar to the old movie theater marquees since we generally watch more movies than regular old stations.  The left side would hold DVD movies, but not like a typical cab that you either stack everything on top of each other or pull out plastic shelves that you have to flick through to find a movie, I made it a lazy suzan so that it would hold just around 200 DVDs/games and still be relatively easy to search through.  The right side would hold the components ie DVD player, VCR, receiver, CD player, etc.  The top of each side and center shelf is more or less reserved for foo foo (womany decoration items).

The entire project cost about $800 and a crapload of work.  It is all solid oak and oak plywood.  The game shelves pull out with 18" full extension ball bearing door sliders.  And the glass in the doors are 1/4" with vinyl etching applied (ah, the advantages of having parents with sign making equipment).  The mini movie posters are placed in angled cuts in the wood.  Actually the angled cuts were added as a design feature as they stain darker but I thought about the posters afterwards as a bonus :).  The component shelves are adjustable with peg holes every 1.5" as well as holes in the upper cab in case we want to add glass shelves later.  I cut and assembled everything.  Liliana sanded and stained.  Again, I got my pop to shoot it with lacquer.

Building 1 (yep that's my dad's Mark V behind me.....deoh!)

Building 2

Getting there





Lazy Susan