Glenn's been wanting a Defender/Stargate control panel to play Mame with.  He insists that you can't play either of them without a control panel just like the arcade versions.  I've been playing around with it for quite a while now and finally got the parts that I wanted to use.  I created the control panel artwork in Coreldraw as a vector image file so that it can be printed very cleanly unlike many raster versions I was able to find.  I found quite a sweet arcade control from Nintendo cabinets on Ebay.  Although Defender and Stargate both use a two way joystick I decided that an 8 way is a better way to go so that the panel can be used for most of the other Mame games.

I really like this joystick.  Nice and small which will allow me to place the Reverse button close like the original arcade.  It uses a rubber grommet rather than a spring.  Now that I have all of the parts I am hoping to put it together soon.  I have all of the artwork done although it is most likely inaccurate due to the quality of the scans I had to work from.

Now if I can just get myself to do the woodwork on this.

Speaking of Defender, I created this artwork many years ago for a member of BYOAC, see post of art below.  It was fun to see it pop up on Guitar Hero Arcade.  So I copied and modified old artwork of Defender and then it was copied and modified.  I hope the Defender logo can live on to spawn more...