Upon getting pregnant we decided to build Sydney a crib, not so much because it's cheaper but just because we can!

We built this just before we moved again back to Fort Worth so I was able to get my dad to shoot it with lacquer :).  I made it out of poplar, which I don't recommend using.  It is expensive, weak and doesn't look particularly better than any other wood.  Mostly it is the strength that is bad.

I bought the hardware from Rockler and made a design based on what Liliana told me she wanted.  It is somewhat plain but I'm glad we made it anyway.

I also built a changing table for ease of the diaper changing.  We looked at them in the stores and decided that for the price it wasn't worth buying one that was cheap since it would most likely loosen up and break after our first child.  So we ended up making an industrial strength one for only $60 in materials.  I can guarantee it will survive at minimum 3 children's bouncy butts.  It is simple but very sturdy and has a nice smooth lacquer finish and it was only a days work.