Misc Multi-Arcade Games

There for a while I was building or helping to build mulit-arcade games, here are a few of them:


This was for a friend of a friend, they wanted an odd collection of Coke, Christmas and college football.


This was an auction cabinet (our first I think), it was a full size cabinet multi-game with Multi-Williams artwork.  (this was a Dragon's Lair cabinet at one time)


For some reason this one has stuck with me as a favorite, it was also an auction cab we called the Galacticade.  I put a decent amount of "testing" into this one, sure wish it were still at the house.


Also for a friend of a friend, multi-game in a Galaga themed cabinet.


Affectionately deemed the ghetto Galaga, this was a terribly beat up cabinet I got to fix up for the auction.  It played very nice when it was done.


TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE KEPT THIS ONE!  Harry Potter themed mini mulit-game.  So awesome, still wish it were here...


I don't even know what this is, friend of a friend again but with a fraternity theme for a guys house.  Not in the frat, just in his house.  Awesome though, Multi-Williams themes are always awesome.


The MegaPac!  Veritical themed Pac cabinet....it did play more than just the Pacman games.


The mini Galaga is the same 4' height as the Hogwart's Arcade, another one I wish I still had.


The Multi-Tee was a collection of Golden Tee games all crammed into one cabinet.  Fun!


Ugh, the poor poor Retrocade, fell off the truck in transit (horrible tying down on my part).  I've never been so sad.  It was really nice too.


And the Mini Williams, the greatest regret ever.  NEVER should have sold this one, SO AWESOME.